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We appreciate your contributions and need your continued help.

Enterprise Matchmakers, LLC has designed MasterAnyLanguage.com to help unite the world community through a language learning and cultural marketplace.

Our vision is to become one of the most recognized and most trusted resources in the world for language learning.

We need your help to achieve this vision, and we rely on people, organizations and companies to help make our vision a reality.

Key Contributors & Sponsors

Enterprise Matchmakers, LLC

Enterprise Business Consulting, Inc.
Individual contributors

What makes us important?

We care about culture, we care about people, we want to teach, we care about education.
We know that language is important to our global society. We want to help.

We are technologists that believe smart systems can aide with teaching some fundamental aspects of language learning.

We've built a smart system ( MasterAnyLanguage.com ) to assist with teaching languages, which is already being used in many countries around the world to help students to learn languages.

Our Technology

MasterAnyLanguage.com is a smart system that utilizes automated Teachers to present simplified lessons via games, tests and flash cards, along with recommendations for resources and programs available for language learning.

How does it work ?

We configure our automated Teachers with lesson plan content, and in real-time, the automated Teachers use the content to construct problems and questions that challenge the student to learn. The nature of the content that is delivered to each student is based on the student's individual language skill level.

Our teaching content is sourced from a variety of sources, including information freely available online.

As times goes on, we continue to feed our Teachers new content, making them smarter, which in turn, makes the learning experience more engaging for the student.

Revenue & Expenses

We are not for profit. We offer this as a free service to the public.

Enterprise Matchmakers, LLC established MasterAnyLanguage.com in 2006 with a vision of providing educational tools and resources to the world via MasterAnyLanguage.com website.

Fulfillment of this vision required designing and building the website to deliver that information, and to secure the hosting and hardware necessary to support the website. Enterprise Matchmakers, LLC utilized its own economic and technology resources to complete the vision for the original website, and any support or enhancements required. The effort was primarily self-funded, with some help from advertising income ( i.e. Google Adsense, Amazon, etc..).

Investment in Smarter System Technology
At the end of 2016, Enterprise Matchmakers, LLC conducted a full review and re-engineer of the MasterAnyLanguage.com website.

We've since built and setup a truly smart system now driven by automated Teachers, with expanded capabilities, infinitely configurable, and which allows catering to each individual specific language in the way that is needed. Thanks to feedback from our users, throughout the re-engineering process, some of the original content was removed due to it being incorrect, bad translations and/or not adding value, and has been updated with lesson plans that add value to the student and experience.

We scaled from 78 languages to just over 185 languages.

We planned to create an ad-free learning environment in the new system, to give the student optimal time to learn without unnecessary interruptions. We did it. We've removed all ads from MasterAnyLanguage.com.

Lastly, we planned to introduce internal Daily Reports to enable us to monitor and analyze student performance, engagement and to better understand which aspects of learning are a focus point of the students. We've done just that, and our reporting has helped to continue shaping the system to make it smarter and more robust.

We've done a lot of work to date, but have a lot more to do...

Ongoing Funding Plan

1- Individual contributions and self-funding

2- Gain sponsorship and funding/donations from organizations and companies that recognize the value in our effort to teach languages to society

3- Leverage Cubuma.com as a store to provide language resources to site visitors, while earning commission income from direct product sales and affiliate marketing ads

What will happen to the Revenue?

We are not for profit.

Our plan is to utilize revenue to (1) ensure expenses are covered, (2) donate to organizations that aide under-privleged/less fortunate individuals around the world to help them to have educational opportunities, (3) re-invest back into our business to enhance and evolve our offering.

People are important to us. We believe we have a responsibility to give a significant percentage of any profit earned back to those individuals/regions/communities that are under-priveleged, less fortunate and/or cannot afford an education, don't have access to technology to learn and perhaps do not even have means to attend a school in their area of the world.

How You Can Contribute

We've designed the systems to do most of the work...
However, we really could use your help by:

1- Spread the word about MasterAnyLanguage.com (via social and professional circles)

2- Monetary donation (any amount)

3- Let us know resources available that we can use to add more teaching content to MasterAnyLanguage.com

4- Volunteer to provide audio for teaching content in your native language

5- Let us know about any mistakes we've made, so we can fix them

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