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Polyglots, Language Masters and Multilinguals

One Language
Command of at least one language is necessary for survival in this world. Nature expects that at least one language be learned by everyone in this world.

Bilinguals (Two Languages)
Speaking two languages is very common in today's world. With the rise of internationalization and globalization, there are many people globally that can speak at least two languages fluently. Many times the primary language is the native tongue of the particular region of the world, and the secondary language is either English, French, German, Italian or one of the other Romance languages.

Trilinguals (Three Languages)
Speaking three languages is less common in today's world, but there are quite a few people who can speak at least three languages.

Polyglots (Four or More Languages)
A polyglot is someone with a high degree of proficiency in several languages. Throughout history, there have been quite a few people that have known more than four languages. In today's world, there still exists regions whereby it is necessary to know more than four languages (i.e. Netherlands).
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