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How To Learn Multiple Languages
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An interview with Tony Hernandez: the joy of being multilingual
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How To Learn Multiple Languages

The more the mind is trained on learning languages, the easier it is to learn more and more, from any language.

Your mind can be trained to learn more than one language at a time, and your ability to learn any one language will be accelerated the more you are used to picking up more than one language.

The journey in which you take to learn one language, can be applied to learn other languages as well. Taken in parallel, your mind is forced to distinguish between each of the languages, and with minimal conscious effort, you could be able to learn at an amazing pace within the languages.

Bridges Between Languages

Within each language, there are words, phrases, expressions that are similar to that of another language. These various words, phrases, expressions, of which we are calling bridges, can be used and understood to help remember aspects of the different languages you are learning. Bridges are very useful and help you to continue to learn by association.

Build Bridges Between Common Languages

There are definite bridges that can be made among common languages, which tend to make learning languages in parallel easier. For example, if you choose to learn Latin, Italian and Spanish all at the same time, you will begin to see the similarity in structure and setup of the languages. This will make it easier, and almost natural for you to learn each of the languages at a faster pace. The same rules apply to languages of similar regions (i.e. Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi -OR- Korean, Chinese, Japanese -OR- Russian, Slovenian, Slovak).

Build Bridges Between Languages From Different Regions

For those that want to try and learn a large number of languages, it may be best to pick languages from distinct regions and then it can provide a broader perspective of not only the distinct languages, but the similar languages contained within. Amazingly at some point, even in the languages from distinct regions, you will begin to find similarities that make it easier to associate them together.

Capture Your Thoughts In Your Native Language, Replay Them Out Loud In the Language You Are Learning

By capturing your thoughts in your native language and then saying them out loud in the language(s) that you are learning, you are in effect overriding the natural response of your mind to help train it to respond with the other languages. This thought capturing technique can be a very effective method to help to condition your mind for learning languages as well. Carry a dictionary with you in the language you are learning to help you quickly look up all of the words and phrases you do not know, just to help you say at that time.

Multi-language Learning Techniques

The same techniques for learning one language apply when learning multiple languages. However, there has to be time invested for the number of languages that you are trying to learn. Review and practice the languages daily, and continue to train you mind to think in each of the languages.

Spend an entire period of time dedicated to thinking in one language at a time. For example, say you are learning Farsi, Chinese and German all at once. Throughout your day, you could wake up trying to think in Farsi, then later on switch to thinking in Chinese, and so on with German. Tomorrow, you could change which language is the first to be used. It is important to give due time to each of the languages, so that you can progress, and at the same time, your mind will continue subconsciously to associate the other languages with your actions as well.

Learning Multiple Languages
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Bridges between different languages
The bridges start to appear when you are exposed to a variety of languages.
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LT explains that meeting others who are able to speak a number of languages has positively impacted him in thinking about how to learn languages. Also, for anyone, if the language is not used, it is lost.
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Breaking Language Barriers - Quick Refresh
LT explains that once the language barrier is broken for a particular target language, the ability to recall the language when it is forgotten is available.
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Polyglot Techniques
LT explains that some techniques he's used in learning languages, is similar to that which is being mentioned by the Polyglots around the world.
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Choosing A Language: Part 1 (Identifying with Languages)
LT explains that identifying with languages has been an important part of continuing language learning.
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Choosing A Language: Part 2 (Which Language To Learn and Why)
LT mentions that when his motivation is low for language learning, it is important to know the language/languages at the core to be focused on.
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Choosing A Language: Part 3 (Importance of Spending Time)
LT shares that it has been important to focus and identify those core languages, so that they get enough time to learn and enjoy.
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Choosing A Language: Part 4 (Choose Your Identity)
LT shares that it is important to choose an identity with the languages.
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Polyglots Are On Fire For Language
LT at times shares the same zeal for learning language as some of the known polyglots, however, wants to learn it the fun way.
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How To Use MasterAnyLanguage.com For Multiple Language Learning
LT shares how to use MasterAnyLanguage.com to learn two languages at once, by changing the site native language into say, Spanish, and to play a game in Arabic.
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How To Learn Multiple Languages

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