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Telugu Language (తెలుగు) Stores Tests

Play Telugu Language (తెలుగు) Learning Games
Playing Language Games Helps You Learn Faster

Telugu Language (తెలుగు) Beginner Games
Adjectives     Alphabet     Animals     At Home     Children's Music     Clothing & Jewelry     Colors     Common Phrases     Days of the Week     Dictionaries     Family     Foods     Greetings     Months of the Year     Movies     Nature     News     Numbers     Parts of the Body     Reading     Songs     Spoken     Transportation     Verbs    

Telugu Language (తెలుగు) Intermediate Games
At Home     Transportation    

Telugu Language (తెలుగు) Advanced Games

How To Learn The Telugu Language (తెలుగు)

Telugu Language (తెలుగు) Learning Tips
1 - వర్ణమాల తెలుసుకోవడానికి
Learn Telugu Alphabet

2 - రంగులు తెలుసుకోండి
Learn Colors in Telugu

3 - సంఖ్యలు తెలుసుకోండి
Learn Telugu Numbers

4 - అభినందించడానికి తెలుసుకోండి
Learn Telugu Greetings

5 - తెలుగు మాట్లాడే విదేశీయుల
Foreigners Speaking Telugu

1 - Learn Telugu Alphabet

వర్ణమాల తెలుసుకోవడానికి

Learn Telugu Alphabet
Telugu Alphabet Song

2 - Learn Colors in Telugu

రంగులు తెలుసుకోండి

Learn Colors in Telugu
Telugu Balasiksha - Telugu Names of colors - Rangula Perlu

3 - Learn Telugu Numbers

సంఖ్యలు తెలుసుకోండి

Learn Telugu Numbers
Prerana Telugu numbers 1 to 10

4 - Learn Telugu Greetings

అభినందించడానికి తెలుసుకోండి

Learn Telugu Greetings
How to Say 'Hello' in Telugu (India)

Telugu Language (తెలుగు)
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Satwik     Tue Jul 26 21:03:55 2016      Reply
i need write telugu without mistakes

harsha     Sun May 22 23:05:47 2016      Reply
I want write telugu with out mistake

gayathty     Wed Apr 20 11:57:03 2016      Reply
I want to speak lelugu with in 30 days

swamy tarun     Fri Apr 15 00:38:18 2016      Reply
I am getting spelling mistakes in telugu

Omdev kashyap     Wed Apr 6 08:32:40 2016      Reply
Learn Telugu

Blessy     Wed Mar 30 05:29:33 2016      Reply
I don't know how write Telugu so can guys help me. I leave in Kuwait

Kavya     Fri Jan 29 06:44:11 2016      Reply
I want to speak Telugu fluently as my mother tongue

padmavathi     Sat Nov 21 12:10:29 2015      Reply
I want to write without mistakes

bhanu     Tue Jun 30 06:49:12 2015      Reply
telugu language learn

Mohammad     Sat May 16 08:24:01 2015      Reply
I want write telugu with out mistake

Athul Thilak T     Fri May 25 12:38:20 2012      Reply
I am a malayalee nd i wanna speak nd write TELUGU......

maruthi     Thu Sep 29 23:10:47 2011      Reply
nakukuda Telugu ante chala estam

George Sedhom     Wed Aug 17 13:49:21 2011      Reply
i want to speak telugu

pilla ganapathi kumar     Wed Jul 27 22:14:04 2011      Reply
what i have to do for telugu language software down load?

R.Vijayakumar     Tue May 24 11:09:58 2011      Reply
Learn Telugu is my ambition...this site helps me a lot ..thanks.

raja     Tue Jan 25 06:13:16 2011      Reply
telugu ante nakku chala istam .. anthukae nenu telugu nerchukunani try chesthuntanu.. s

santhi     Mon Aug 16 03:50:37 2010      Reply
i what to telugu mam

vidhu     Tue Feb 16 01:22:25 2010      Reply
i want to speak telugu?

latchumanadhas kalidoss     Fri Feb 5 11:26:44 2010      Reply
i wanna learn telugu

rao     Fri Oct 30 01:24:57 2009      Reply
in site having all the information about kaarthikamasam 30 days pooja procedure and having all the other pooja procedures,vrathas also and having for children rhymes, shathakamulu.and sathyanarayana vrathapooja, dhaamodhara, kedhaareshwara, ksheeraabdhi vratha poojas are also English and telugu languages. audio also available for each pooja, daily panchangam and astrology also available.
The Specific Link is
visit website once.

Prega     Mon Jul 6 07:15:25 2009      Reply
I want to learn to read,write and speak in Telugu. I can teach you English in exchange if you are interested. Regards Prega

RAHUL P K     Fri Jun 26 09:27:33 2009      Reply

rajendra     Sat May 16 17:26:10 2009      Reply
hi,telugu is good language.

priya     Thu Apr 2 15:42:24 2009      Reply
i am very interested to learn telugu coz i want to talk with my telugu frenz

kamu     Wed Mar 18 02:11:44 2009      Reply
i am very interested learn in telugu.


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